‘Oh Crap!’ Moments

There comes a day when you look at yourself in the mirror, and in a heartbreaking moment, you realize your love handles are the least of your concern. Fat has completely taken over your body and stands in the way of YOUR health.

Your next thought is
“what on earth can I do to fix this?”
The above is straight off of our website and it, in essence, describes an Oh Crap Moment. Here are my Oh Crap Moments to date.

The 40″ Pants

The one that started my journey. Those of you that have known me for a while and have seen iterations of my blog and website may be familiar with my 40″ pants story (so go ahead and skip ahead – for the rest of you…)

My last year of pulmonary/critical care training (around Y2K), I was shopping at the outlet stores in Johnson Creek. My parent’s were out visiting at that time. At that time, My pants were a 38″ waist. I tried on a pair of 38’s. I could button them up, but they were uncomfortably tight. I then tried on the 40’s and it was like Goldilocks sitting on Baby Bears Chair. That’s when I said, “Oh Crap! I’m just getting bigger and bigger.”

I put the pants back on the rack and starved myself skinny (I didn’t know any better at that time). That was Oh Crap #1.

Maybe You Should Exercise More
The one that turned me into a weight loss specialist. Fast forward to 2010. I had ran my second marathon in October of 2009 and five months later we were vacationing with extended family. My mother asked me if I was exercising. My answer was, “a little bit.” Her response, “Maybe you should exercise more.” You’ve got to love a mother’s honesty.

“Oh Crap! I gained 35 pounds in five months.” This is when I started researching why I had so much problems keeping my weight under control and what ultimately started me down the road to becoming board certified in obesity medicine.

My Latin Pants

The one that made me write this blog post. As you may or may not know, I am an amateur ballroom dancer. The last time I had put on my Latin Outfit was the Oktoberfest competition which was one week after I ran the 2016 Chicago marathon so I was near peak physical condition. I have a show number coming up soon and last week we had a dress rehearsal so I put on my Latin Pants and Shirt. I was able to squeeze myself into my outfit, but I was muffin topping something fierce.

“Oh Crap! I have two weeks to lose the 17 pounds I gained in 4 months.” Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, but it’s now four days later and I’ve been under the Fat Melting Laser twice, I’m sore from increasing my workouts and I have been great with my nutrition. The picture to the right was from Oktoberfest, for those of you that want to see my jigglin’ muffin top in action, the show is March 18th, 7 pm at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center in Brookfield. The show usually sells out early, so order your tickets early.

What’s Your ‘Oh Crap’ Moment?
Have you had your moment? What have you done with it? If you are trying to figure out “what on earth can I do to fix this?” Then give us a call – 262-373-0169 or schedule your FREE program start – HERE.

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