Sexual Wellness in Pewaukee, WIThere is no clear definition of sexual wellness. What is clear is that it is a reflection of your overall wellness and as we age, both suffer. Men and women have similar yet distinctly different approaches to optimizing sexual wellness.

Women’s Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness for women covers many areas. The root condition determines the therapy we choose. We address decrease desire, painful intercourse, difficulty climaxing, and vaginal dryness.

The modalities we utilize varies on the desired effect. They include:

  • O-Shot® – Utilizing your own growth factors to improve sexual function as well as urinary stress incontinence
  • Hormone assessment – as we all age hormone levels decline. Addressing this issue is a major step towards your goal
  • TemSure® Vitalia – Gentle radiofrequency treatment that tightens the skin and enhances overall vaginal health

Men’s Sexual Wellness

Just as in women, sexual wellness for men covers many areas. The nature of sexual wellness therapy varies base on the root condition. Decreased desire, arousal, and orgasm may have physical or hormonal causes.

At Rejeune MD, we take a stepwise approach to men’s sexual wellness (click here for more detail). In a nutshell, here are the modalities we use:

  • Hormone assessment – without enough testosterone the other treatments don’t work as well
  • Prescription medication – like the little blue pill and others
  • Pulsewave therapy – to enhance blood flow and stimulate healing

What are the next steps?

Improving relationships are what we aim to do at Rejuve MD. Improving sexual wellness can be a major part of achieving that goal. So give us a call at (262) 373-0169 or fill out our appointment request form. From there you’ll sit down with Dr. D. Strong who will get to know you and your concerns. He’ll likely recommend some baseline blood work to get to the root of the issue, then meet with you to review the results and recommend options to get you on the road to wellness.