The Vampire Facelift®

Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift® offers a way of restoring shape, and improving tone and texture, as well as literally growing new, younger tissue! 

The Bottom Line of the Vampire Facelift® Procedure

First,  two tablespoons of blood is drawn from your arm which then undergoes an FDA cleared process to extract the platelet rich plasma (PRP). (2) Doc Strong injects HA filler in key areas to the enhance the beautiful, natural shape of your face (More on the importance of shape on beauty to follow).  (3) The PRP, which is packed with growth factors, is injected strategically to the areas in need of regeneration and rejuvenation. (4) When these growth factors enter your face, muti-potent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue.  This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow). New tissue continues to grow over the next 12 weeks. Read on to find out how the Vampire Facelift® enhances the four elements of beauty.

The Four Elements of Beauty: Size, shape, color, and texture

Improving shape does the most to enhance beauty and a more youthful appearance. As we age, we lose volume in the way of bone and fat loss in our midface. This flattens the shape of the cheekbones and causes the rest of the face to sag and appear older. Restoring the shape of the cheeks to a younger version of yourself is one of the most important steps in turning back the clock and giving you a natural, more rested, youthful appearance. Both filler and PRP play a vital role in revitalizing the shape of your face.

Next to shape, texture may be the most important component of beauty.  Aging causes the skin to become thinner and crepey. This exaggerates small lines and wrinkles. Thinning skin is caused by the loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat and tissue. PRP works to restore all of the loss due to aging.  Smooth skin texture appears more youthful.

The third element of beauty is color. Independent of skin tone, youthful skin is brightened by the underlying good blood flow seen with excellent health. Also, an even skin color looks more natural and younger than an uneven tone. PRP stimulates growth of new blood vessels regaining that healthy, even glow of youth. Gray, pale, and patchy skin looks less alive (think of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons).

The least important element (in the face) is size. Consider the size of the lips. The movie stars of the 1920’s had small thin lips, but they had beautifully shaped lips. Making lips larger without creating a beautiful shape can make sausage or duck lips – not attractive because they’re not natural. So the increase in size must be done in a way that still appears natural and beautiful. When you look for an injector, remember a matter of millimeters can be very dramatic and overcorrection can be worse than no correction at all.

The Vampire Facelift® addresses all of the four elements essential for a beautiful face. The HA filler combined with platelet rich plasma corrects shape and improves texture. The platelet rich plasma enhances color due to the new blood vessels bringing more color to the skin. The PRP improves texture by increasing collagen and fat production. The PRP also causes restoration of the volume that is lost during aging.

From an artistic view, HA filler is used to sculpt a naturally beautiful shape. Then PRP is used to polish the sculpture for improved color, texture, and shape.


  • Does it hurt? – More than a tickle but less than doing your taxes. I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t hurt, but most people experience a little if any pain. We do use a strong numbing cream that decreases the pain, but some areas are more sensitive than others – like around the mouth.
  • How long does the Vampire Facelift® last? – The Vampire Facelift® works, in part, by having you grow new, younger tissue that sets back the clock then it starts to age from there. How long it lasts depends much on your lifestyle and how well you take care of your skin. Remember that the Vampire Facelift® resets, not stops, the aging clock. The “fading” is due to natural aging rather than the injection going away. Most people will need a touch up in about a year.
  • What’s the difference between the Vampire Facelift® and the Vampire Facial®? – The Vampire Facelift® involves a specific way of injecting filler and PRP to create a more beautiful shape, color, and texture. The Vampire Facial® involves  microneedling the face to stimulate collagen production and to open up thousands of portals for PRP which, in addition to the Vampire Facelift®, helps improve texture and color.
  • Can this same therapy be applied to the breast? – Absolutely! The Vampire Breast Lift® does not increase the size of the breast, but does beautifully well for stretch marks, for loss of volume in the cleavage area, and for essentially reshaping the breast the way a good bra might. Excitingly, we found that by putting PRP around the areola and nipple, women who’ve lost sensation of the nipples due to implants or breast feeding will regain sensation and the intensity of sexual pleasure of the breasts. More information can be found at
  • How much does the Vampire Facelift cost? The Vampire Facelift procedure costs $1500 and includes one syringe of Juvederm.

Parting Thoughts and Next Steps

At Rejeune MD we know the importance of your face: people know you by your face, friends look at your face, your lover relates to your face and falls in love with it, your children look at your face for comfort. For these reasons we thank you for considering Rejeune MD to enhance such a sacred part of your body. When you’re ready to schedule your procedure or need more information call Rejeune MD at (262) 373-0169. You can also find more information on Dr. Runel’s site, the inventor if the Vampire Facelift® procedure –