Women's Sexual Wellness in Pewaukee, WIWhile no clear definition exists for sexual wellness we do know that it is a reflection of your overall wellness. As we all age, both suffer.

Since you are an individual, at Rejeune MD, we take a personalized approach to sexual wellness. After all, there is little else that is more personal. We take our time to get to know you and to understand your concerns. From there we develop an integrative plan to get you on the path to achieving your goals.

How Rejeune MD can help you improve your sexual wellness

  • Hormone assessment – as we all age our ability to produce vital hormones decrease. Those depletions play a vital role in our overall health, particularly our sexual health
    • Estrogen depletion – decreased levels of estrogen can have catastrophic effects on sexual wellness
      • Vaginal dryness – which often leads to painful intercourse
      • Decrease collagen and elastin – the same proteins that cause skin laxity and wrinkles cause vaginal wall laxity which can lead to decrease sensation with intercourse and difficulty to climax sexually
      • Decrease sex drive – while we usually think about testosterone when we talk about sex drive, low estrogen can have a big impact on it. This can be due to both decrease desire and a psychological aversion when intercourse is painful
    • Progesterone – Scientists are still not entirely clear what the role of progesterone plays in sexual wellness
      • We do know that lower progesterone in general can depress mood which likely impacts sexuality as well
    • Testosterone – while primarily thought of as a male hormone it is probably one of the most important hormone in a woman’s life
      • Regarding sexuality, low levels of testosterone contribute to decrease desire, arousal, and the ability to climax sexually that often occur as women age
    • TempSure® Vitalia – gentle radiofrequency specifically designed to enhance vaginal wellness
      • The TempSure Vitalia probe is shaped to fit the contours of the vagina which allows for a comfortable treatment. Gentle radiofrequency energy is administered which stimulates repair of the underlying tissue
      • The healing effects of TempSure Vitalia are similar to the effects of PRP injections by stimulating collagen and elastin production, the vaginal wall is firmer, thicker, and more hydrated which leads to heightened sensitivity and sexual enhancement
      • The same effects of time and childbirth that causes vaginal laxity and decrease tone also promotes bladder leakage. TempSure Vitalia improves that laxity and tone which improves stress incontinence

What are the next steps?

Give us a call or request an appointment online. From there we’ll get to know you and your concerns and, together, develop a plan to improve your Sexual Wellness.