Strong Weight Loss Program in Pewaukee, WIInitial Program Start

You will meet the doctor and will receive an initial evaluation including medical history and physical exam, a body composition evaluation, specific – individualized-nutritional goals for weight loss, an EKG if needed and recommendations for appetite suppressants and nutritional supplements.


Progress Checks

We’ll meet again in a couple weeks to review your progress and answer any questions you have. We will analyze your blood work, if needed, to identify any underlying issues (pre-diabetes conditions, thyroid, hormonal problems, etc.) that may be causing your weight and health problems. Once we’ve successfully launched, we’ll meet once a month until it’s time to switch gears from active weight loss to weight maintenance! That typically takes 4-6 months. In this phase, it’s time to construct a new guide so that you can remain the fit and vibrantly healthy you.


It’s a Life Changer

Your body is amazingly unique, so we design a program during your initial appointment specifically for you to shed pounds, and keep them off.

Shedding pounds means you’ll be healthier nose to toes.* Weight loss often improves long-standing ailments (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea to name a few) and can get you off related medications.*


What to Expect

You’ll be seen by an ABOM board-certified physician (American Board of Obesity Medicine) who will direct your care and weight loss progress.

We’ll give you an initial plan to start losing the weight, and a maintenance plan later to help keep it off.

We’re trained and experienced to care for diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and other diseases so you can feel like you again!*