Exercise Ideas That Take Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day

If you think that getting fit or exercising regularly takes up a lot of time and scheduling, think again! Here is an excuse-busting list of workouts or activities that can give you some movement every day. When you consistently do some activity at least 10 minutes per day, it will eventually become a habit and you will be well on your way to better health sooner than you think. You may also find yourself exercising for longer than 10 minutes! Here are a few ideas:


Start with walking around your block or up and down your driveway if it is a long one. Increase time as you see fit. If you feel up to it, increase intensity by going up and down hills, jogging, or even running as your exercise endurance increases.


Get your spouse and kids involved. You can exercise and get quality family time all at once. This not only increases family bonding, but it tires everyone out so the kids (and you) go to bed easier! You can play tag, see who can do the most of an exercise such as squats, pushups, etc., play basketball if you have an outside hoop, or just take them on your walk with you. They will definitely appreciate the time you spend with them and you can all get in some activity. Check out our previous blog post for a fun dance routine from the national Let’s Move! initiative.


Check out this strength training routine from Runner’s World here. It may be a routine for runners, but every person can benefit from these exercise that require only you and your own body weight (and maybe a wall, bench or counter if you’d like).


This is a fast interval workout you can do anywhere – no equipment needed. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, as fast as you can. Then rest for 10 seconds in between each exercise. Count whatever reps you can and then record them. Here’s the list:

1.  Jumping Jacks

2.  Wall Sit

3.  Pushups (on your toes or your knees if needed).

4.  Situps or Ab Crunches

5.  Walk or run up and down some stairs

6.  Squats (you can increase the intensity by doing jump squats)

7.  Tricep Dips

8.  Plank (you can either do this on  your toes or go down to your knees if you need to).

9.  High Knees

10.  Alternating Lunges (alternate legs each time)

11.  Push Up Rotations

12.  Side Plank

If you can not physically perform one of these activities,  just substitute with a different exercise or jog in place. For additional exercise ideas or demonstrations, check out the fitness forum at www.sparkpeople.com

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The biggest thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! If you love your workouts, you will continue to do them.

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